How to Choose a Logistics Company

Shipping and logistics. Just the thought of this area of business will make any rational thinking human’s eyes roll back in their heads and have them running for the door. We get that and we know that it can be a boring topic filled with ridiculous details that can trip up even the most astute of business owners.

That is why we put together this warehouse and 3PL Edmonton blog. We are going to give you tips and trips to help you choose the right shipping company for your business.

In reality, it isn’t all that complicated. You just need to do a little due diligence and make sure you ask the right questions. Without further ado, here are some tips to help you get it right:

  • Check for references. A lot of people ask for references but far too few actually take the time to pick up the phone and check those same references. That is a shame because you can learn so much from these 3rd parties and you’ll often get much better information than you might get from the supplier themselves.
  • Ask the tough questions. You likely have a number of questions floating around in your head that you may be hesitant to ask. Forget that none-sense. Ask anything and everything you want at the investigation stage of the process to ensure that you don’t get too many surprises down the road.
  • Learn the jargon. Shipping companies and freight forwarders speak a language of their own and unfortunately, if you don’t learn at least some of it, you’re going to be lost in the process.

Of course, there are a lot more things to ask but you get the idea. Don’t be shy. Ask all the questions you wish before making our decision and the good folks at Complete Shipping Solutions will be happy to answer all of them.